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Asus Z87M-Plus
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The Mother of all Motherboards

Keputusan: Up to the usual Asus standard, it installed without any problem, everything was clearly marked for attaching to, it was supplied with a install cd that had got various drivers on, you could either use autopilot or just pick off the drivers that you wanted.
4 years ago

Great board and simple to use.

Keputusan: I am not a OC enthusiast but more of a hobbiest who keeps his toe in the water. I have enough knowledge to build an fault find PC's and have never tinkered with OCing before. I chose this board as its big ATX brother has won a number of best buy awards.
4 years ago

Very Hot Performance !!

Keputusan: I have an I5-4570 processor and 16GB of over clockers Memory. Ran perfect after install. Overclocking is Easy with included software ! Beats the performance of my friends I5-3570 easily! SSD is suggested at this performance level, as the Sata III HD becomes the slow part of the system.
4 years ago
Circuit City

Solid board, but things are tight

Keputusan: I bought this board along with an i7-4770K and some G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 1333 for my new desktop. It is blazing fast, stable, and overclocks nicely. It caught my eye while I was considering the Z78-PRO because I do not want to pay for the wireless.
5 years ago
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