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Canon XA25
Rp32.999.000 - Rp36.499.000 dari 2 ritels
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Canon XA25 Professional Camcorder

Keputusan: The XA25 might not suffice to shoot major motion pictures but for a camera not much bigger than a shoe, it's quite impressive. Cameras like the XA25 are typically used for run-and-gun news operations or behind-the-scenes footage and this unit functions well in such conditions.

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3 years ago
Keputusan: While the XA25 is a fantastic camcorder, you need to keep in mind what sort of filmmaking equipment $3000 can get you. The XA25 is great if you're splurging for your first pro camcorder.
4 years ago

One of the great quality of this camera is the SDI output port

Keputusan: I'm loving the HD quality of this Camera. One of the great quality of this camera is the SDI output port. The Quality stands superb even at about 140 feet BNC cable run. I am happy with this purchase.

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3 years ago

Dis Camera Doe

Pros: I mean, like shoo, dis camera be super fly hd
Kekurangan: ain't got none
Keputusan: Was this review helpful?
3 years ago

Great small studio camera

Keputusan: We have two XA25 cameras and one XA20 in our studio for web broadcasting via our TriCaster 460. These cameras are perfect for our needs and deliver a nice, clean image.
3 years ago
B&H Photo

Five Stars

Keputusan: It does the job ,but the to lens are just junk

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3 years ago

So far so good

Pros: Easy Computer Connectivity, Accurate, Vivid Colors, Compact Design, excellent image quality, durable, Good Software Compatibility, Ergonomic/comfortable to hold
Kekurangan: Short battery life, shotgun mic holder to big, touch screen navigation
Keputusan: Got a great deal at B&H Photo for camcorder, so far its living up to what is promised. If I have to nick pick, the microphone holder didn't work with the shotgun mic I bought (Audio-Technica AUATR6550), the holder is too big. Small battery will need to be upgraded.
4 years ago

Canon XA25 Camcorder

Pros: Lightweight, Programmable, Rapid Autofocus Correction, 20x Lens, XLR Audio inputs for each channel
Kekurangan: a little small for big hands, a little to light for a good fluid head tripod
Keputusan: After leaving nearly 25 years of ENG type work I thought I would never pick up another quality camera/camcorder. I was wrong. I just joined with another producer that interned with me almost twenty years ago. We are how again working in the media industry.
5 years ago
Keputusan: I'm a news photographer who has been implementing video into the news workflow. I started shooting video with a G9 then a Panasonic handicap and finally a Canon Mk IV before getting this video camera. You are going to love this camera.
7 years ago
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