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Fujifilm X-A3
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Fujifilm X-A3 review

Pros: Good image quality, Solid kit lens, Nice-looking design, Great screen
Kekurangan: No 4K video, Plasticky finish in parts, Menu system could be better
Keputusan: This is TechRadar's review summary, which gives you all the key information you need if you're looking for quick buying advice in 30 seconds – our usual full, in-depth review follows.

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1 year ago
TechRadar UK
Keputusan: Its millennial-orientated X-A3 uses the latest generation 24.2MP APS-C sensor and features a 180º tilting 3in touchscreen (using this activates the Eye Detection AF, making it perfect for selfies and vlogging, especially when using the Portrait Enhanced mode, allowing you to lighten skin tones), and...

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1 year ago

Fujifilm X-A3

Pros: Strong image quality. Stylish design. Compact. Selfie touch LCD. Film simulation modes. Wi-Fi
Kekurangan: Slow autofocus. Omits EVF. Inconsistent touch interface. Limited shooting buffer. No 30fps video option or mic input
Keputusan: The Fujifilm X-A3 delivers solid image quality and gives you access to Fuji's excellent line of mirrorless lenses, and it sports a crisp, tilting touch LCD, Wi-Fi, and a stylish design. But the autofocus system is way too slow for a camera at this price.

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1 year ago
PC Magazine
Pros: Static subjects in good light, going out all day with one battery
Kekurangan: Shooting anything moving and video capture (both due to AF system)
Keputusan: The Fujifilm X-A3 is one of those cameras that sounds so promising from a feature and spec perspective that ultimately disappoints when you take it out in the real world. It does many things well, but its poor AF system and overall sluggish operation are a let down.

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1 year ago
DP Review

The Fujifilm X-A3 cuts back features while leaving image quality intact for a budget mirrorless

Pros: Solid image quality, Simple design, Excellent price point, Enhanced sensor over X-A2
Kekurangan: No macro mode, Loud performance, No viewfinder, Cheaper build
Keputusan: The Fujifilm X-A3 is a budget camera that puts a priority on image quality. While the build may not be top notch and the performance not as versatile, when it comes to what really matters, the X-A3 captures solid photos.

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2 years ago
Digitalcamera HQ
Pros: Can shoot in RAW or JPEG image formats (or both at same time, Good image quality in a variety of shooting situations, Large increase in resolution to 24.2MP versus what was found in previous model, Can use hot shoe to attach external flash or viewfinder (must be purchased separately, LCD screen is...
Kekurangan: Autofocus system had some trouble locking on to the point we desired when shooting close up and indoors, No 4K video resolution available, 12 options on mode dial are probably too many; mode dial could be smaller, No viewfinder included, Very limited features in WiFi connectivity, RAW photos are...
Keputusan: Back in August of 2016, FUJIFILM announced the new X-A3 compact mirrorless ILC. Complete with a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS image sensor and an updated image processing engine, this camera was designed to evoke retro styling while offering the latest in modern technologies.

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2 years ago
Steve's Digicams

Fujifilm X-A3

Keputusan: The new Fujifilm X-A3 follows on from the X-A2 camera, sitting at the entry-level of Fujifilm's range of compact system cameras. It features a 24 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, but unlike most of the other cameras in Fujifilm's X range, the sensor is not an X-Trans device.

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2 years ago

Fujifilm X-A3

Keputusan: We didn't review Fujifilm's X-A2 camera, an entry-level model for snapshooters, which was released in early 2015 but, since simple-to-operate interchangeable-lens cameras are becoming increasingly popular, we thought we should review its successor, the X-A3.

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2 years ago

Review of the Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

Keputusan: Consumers looking to pick up a new digital camera have a tough choice to make. Do they buy an SLR, or a mirrorless camera? Either one can take great photos, but there are a few considerations.

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2 years ago
Nerd Techy

Affordable light weight mirrorless camera with retro styling and great features!

Keputusan: I've been looking for a light weight and stylish camera for a while that I can use out and about quickly which isn't heavy or huge to carry. This Fuji X-A3 camera does the trick, its light weight, small and inconspicuous so can be easily whipped out of the bag for a quick photoshoot.

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5 months ago

Great camera for a beginner

Keputusan: This camera has amazing features. Not too complex for a beginner to learn. It's not bulky as well so it's a great travel buddy.
1 year ago

This camera is so amazing! Its very handy and the pictures are perfect

Keputusan: Five stars!! This camera is so amazing! Its very handy and the pictures are perfect!

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1 year ago

Excellent image quality but slow focus spoils what could be a great camera.

Keputusan: Although not as well made as their other cameras, this camera produces superb results from its 24 MP sensor. We purchased this as second body, as we use the X Pro 2 and XT 2 cameras, and the X-A3 shares the same lens mount and battery as those cameras. Pros: 1. Excellent jpg image quality 2.

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1 year ago

Great camera except one major flaw

Keputusan: The camera is great, nice design with many nice features, images are sharp. The only thing i was disappointed at is the wifi feature, which is one of the main reasons i wanted to upgrade my old camera.
1 year ago
B&H Photo
Keputusan: Have you gone on a vacation where you're anticipation of the end destination was temporarily sidetracked by some irritating issues that occurred during the travel portion of the trip Well, so it is for me with regards to the new X-A3.

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1 year ago
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