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Garmin GPSMAP 62s Handheld Navigator

Keputusan: The Garmin GPSMAP 62s features a clear, easy to read screen in both daylight and nighttime and displays shaded relief detail over a seemingly endless amount of map options. The 62s does not come with anything preloaded but with 1.7GB of internal memory, you have the capacity to download 24K and 100K...
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2 years ago

Garmin GPSMap 62s GPS

Pros: Rugged, Solid build, Changeable batteries, Responsive and quick to attain a fix on one's location
Kekurangan: Screen could be brighter at maximum
Keputusan: There are certain products that practically beg you to strap on a good pair of hiking boots and go find a nature trail, or even just a whiff of the great outdoors. One such case in point is Garmin's GPSMap 62s outdoor GPS.
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4 years ago

Garmin GPSMAP 62s review

Keputusan: It's finally here… The Garmin GPSMAP 62s brings a long-awaited update to the fabled and much-loved GPSMAP 60CSx, which has reigned supreme as the gold standard handheld GPS for more than four years.
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7 years ago
GPS Tracklog

Great GPS

Keputusan: This GPS kept me from getting lost in the Rocky Mountains. I was there studying reptiles and had to use the GPS to mark their locations so that they could be returned after a night in the lab for measurements.
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1 year ago


Pros: accurate, fast, fun
Kekurangan: i don't get to...
Keputusan: Really enjoying this. Bought it for use with the backroad map books maps and for marking fishing hotspots, works...
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3 years ago
GPS City Canada

Keputusan: I am completely satisfied with my GPS. Using it for geocaching and when I'm out and about me. Works easily and well to send up my walks to Endomondo. One can buy this and download the map free from the net.
3 years ago

Exactly what I hoped for

Keputusan: This was my first GPS for off road. I can make my own tracks or download existing ones from share sites. It has enabled great navigation in poor visibility which is quite useful in the unpredictable scottish highlands. Very happy with the product and the seller.
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3 years ago

Great Hiking GPS

Pros: acquires satellites quickly keeps good signal even indoors and under cover enough memory for loading maps very customizable
Kekurangan: buttons area could be redisigned buttons could use more space between
Keputusan: My previous GPS was a Magellan SporTrak Pro that I kept for years because it fit what I needed perfectly. When that unit just got too old, I looked for a similar configuration and operation. The Garmin GPS map 62s fit the bill and then some.
3 years ago

Garmin GPSMAP 62s GPS

Kekurangan: Ancient Technology, Buggy Software, Bulky, Complicated Controls, Difficult To Set Up, Hard To Read
Keputusan: Bought this for backcountry navigation. Very disappointing. Technology is basically outdated. Shows rough position on map but has no directions. Years behind your smartphone in technology. Will not give you directions from gas station to next turn. Just shows dot on a map, that's it.
4 years ago


Keputusan: Ok, es lom que esperaba del mproducto, estoy contento con mi adquisisiòn la forma de pago es muyn segura y en general puedo decir que todo estuvo muy bièn, le di seguimiento a travez de DHL y tambièn fuè mu oportuna la informaciòn que se me brindò.
4 years ago

Pros: Durable, Easy To Install, Reliable, Waterproof
Keputusan: I had a Map 76 c and this was a serious upgrade. Very easy to customise to my needs. The batteries don't seem to last as long as the Map 76c but I have not used it enought to be sure. easy to install maps.
4 years ago

An improvement over the 60CSX

Keputusan: I have had my 62s for the last few days, I have found it easy to use and especially good in daylight operation.
4 years ago

Great Value!

Keputusan: I bought this product to take in the Australian bush to locate some giant trees, this product has helped me and works well anywhere I go. I would highly recommend it to others. :)
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5 years ago

Perfect for hiking or biking

Keputusan: I use it for both hiking and bicycling. It has profiles that you can customize for a number of activities, so it can easily be switched between different setups. It acquires the satellites easily in thick woods, and has even worked indoors.
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5 years ago

Garmin quality

Keputusan: This unit has the high quality that i have found typical of Garmin products over the years. The support and instructional material is typical also (suspect at best). This is a unit with many abilities and no instruction so you are left to figure it out on your own.
5 years ago


Pros: smaller and lighter than my old Lorance handheld, color screen, can create custom maps, accepts plenty of the free maps that are available - no need to pay extra for Garmin maps, good battery life
Kekurangan: VERY poor documentation, small screen, may be more, I'm still getting used to it
Keputusan: Garmin documentation sucks – Garmin should be embarrassed for providing such inadequate information. Fortunately there plenty of information available on the web to make up for Garmin's shortfall.
5 years ago

gpsmap 62s

Pros: high build quality; high function
Kekurangan: not pre loaded with any useful maps; nother money grab
Keputusan: incl quick start manual not accurate;micro sd slot hidden under battery compartment;added map (SE Asia) only operable from SD card ; not installable
6 years ago

Keputusan: Astonishing clarity. Excellent performance in all aspects.
7 years ago

Keputusan: I found this to be an excellent piece of kit. I am a wheelchair user and as such, when i'm in the hills or the forests in my power off road chair, it is vital that I am able to get an accurate fix quickly.
7 years ago
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