Intel 535 Series SSDSC2BW480H6R5 480GB Tinjauan

Intel 535 Series SSDSC2BW480H6R5 480GB
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Value for money
Keputusan: It's difficult to believe, but we wrote our SandForce SF-2000 Series introduction article at the start of 2011. At the time, the market was ready to move from SATA 3Gb/s to SATA 6Gb/s, and SandForce was our hero. SandForce came on the scene fast, and dominated the SATA 3Gb/s market.

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4 years ago
Tweak Town

Intel SSD 530 240GB review: updated SandForce SSD with 20nm NAND

Keputusan: Earlier this month, Intel launched the SSD 530 series that will take the place of the existing 520 SSDs, and in a way also the 335 series of Intel SSDs. The SSD 530 series is also built around the popular LSI SandForce SF-2281 controller, and like the other 500 series SSDs, you again get five years...
5 years ago

Five Stars

Keputusan: happy as a bug in a rug with this ssd great price great product so far no complaints

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1 year ago

Great buy !

Pros: S.M.A.R.T. data indicates the disk health is 100 %. Data written / read is 1 Gb. This is practically a brand new SSD
Kekurangan: None
Keputusan: I'm very satisfied with my order. I recommend this item.

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2 years ago


Pros: Small and Fast
Kekurangan: N/A
Keputusan: Better to buy it on Sale.
3 years ago

Great Solid State Drives

Keputusan: Low Price, Great Performance, Very Reliable, Great Warranty. Checks all the boxes.

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3 years ago

I love this SSD!

Keputusan: I was not going to get a solid state when I started building my computer but a friend insisted on getting this drive, so I gave in. I am very glad I did in my opinion it is worth it! I would even recommend going to a larger size if you can afford it.
3 years ago
Circuit City

Over priced for reliability!

Pros: Easy To Install, Fast, Highly Compatible, Quiet, Reliable
Kekurangan: Expensive
Keputusan: I was looking for reliable Ssd and Intel 530 series was ideal. Technical specifications made me believe that I would obtain ~500 read and write speeds. But on my Mac book pro 2011, I recorded 250 write and 495 read speeds.
3 years ago

Quite simply the best SSDs on the market right now

Keputusan: Quite simply the best SSDs on the market right now. I've used dozens and dozens of brands and the Intels are in a league of their own for reliability.

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4 years ago

Great product

Keputusan: Great value Good deal
4 years ago
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