Nikon Action EX 7x35 CF Tinjauan

Nikon Action EX 7x35 CF
Rp2.600.000 dari Tokocamzone
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Tinjauan pengguna: 
Value for money

Just what I was looking for.

Keputusan: I had a Nikon action 10 x 50 action binocular for some time but during long observations, it is pretty hard to hold it steady. So I purchased this one and I'm extremely happy with it. The binocular is very compact and easy to hold steady. Even my little daughter can hold it without any issues.

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1 year ago
B&H Photo

outragious bargain bins

Keputusan: extraordinary bins i'm a collector of vintage bins I loved them all until I tried these I really believed that vintage bins had better build and better optics what a fool only my military spec simors get close (not that close) the body on the Nikons is a diecast alloy but its the optics that blow me...

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2 years ago

Great Binoculars

Keputusan: Great Binoculars for bird watching. Excellent price. Love this purchase. Shipping was fast.

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4 years ago

Love 'em. Great buy

Keputusan: Love 'em. Great visibility. Very clear. I have -3.5 diopter nearsightedness and Can adjust so I don't need my eyeglasses. Haven't tried night vision yet but expect them to be very good. Lame plastic lens covers are pretty typical. Great price on a really good binoc.
4 years ago
Keputusan: I have used other large, clumsy binoculars that I found impossible to focus. This binocular is the perfect size and easy to focus and zoom. I ordered it from Walmart as a gift on a Tuesday and I needed it by Friday. It arrived on Thursday!...
5 years ago

Excellent visuals, strong odor, heavy

Kekurangan: Bulky, Heavy
Keputusan: Protective casing could be a good thing but for anyone sensitive to chemical odors having this close to your nose for a long time would be terrible. The company said the odor would eventually go away but I returned them anyway.
5 years ago
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