Seagate SV35 ST2000VX000 2TB Tinjauan

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So far so good!

Keputusan: I simply do not care where this product was made. If it works as advertise, that is how it should be. The transfer from and to SSD is consistantly 130MB/s.
Pros: This sucker works better than the 7k drives. I have streamed off of it to two targets with transcoding, as well as video editing. If it works for multi tasking, then Samsung is doing that part right
Kekurangan: 1. This one is a HUGE one. The warranty is less than the standard 50 year electronic warrant. This means, Seagate has no faith in this product
6 years ago

Failed right outside of warranty period

Keputusan: I just had one fail on me, right outside of the warranty period. Went with WD Purple this time, as they offer a 3 year warranty for the same price.
2 years ago


Keputusan: Bought the 2TB SV35 Surveillance Optimized Internal HDD by Seagate for my surveillance system and it is doing a WONDERFUL job. Highly recommend your site and have added it to my favorites list. Will be back for all my electronic needs!!!!
Pros: Durable, Fast Connectivity, Quiet, Reliable, Versatile
Kekurangan: No Such Creature As A Con
6 years ago

High Grade Hard Drives Required For NAS

Keputusan: We chose to install a Network Attached Storage device to manage our substantial collection of sports video footage and this model of drive was listed as compatible with our NAS device. We installed 4 drives and they have performed without a glitch. They are rated for continuous duty.
6 years ago

Seagate SV35 ST2000VX000 2TB

Keputusan: Honestly, I didn't think Seagate made hard drives this screaming fast. You might think this hard drive is just for video, if you look up online. Forget about that stereotype. Video files are files, that simple. Benchmarked this drive with *** benchmarking software.
7 years ago

Great drive.

Keputusan: Seagate always have good products.
4 years ago

I like It...

Keputusan: Its a good hard-drive even if you want it to use for Desktop. And Its a lot better than my previous Seagate Barracuda at only a little more to spend.
5 years ago

good when it works

Keputusan: i bought this VX version but i received DM version. VX is for survalence camera DVR where you keep it on continuosly and where random access is not a factor. DM and DL(green) is for Desktop and home usage. I received DM series, which failed within week time.
Pros: Easy To Install, Fast, Highly Compatible, Quiet
Kekurangan: Expensive, Unreliable
5 years ago
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