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Swapped the arm with a better tripod and voila!

Keputusan: Like many others, I bought this for the remote, fully expecting the tripod to be junk. I was surprised to discover the tripod is actually smoother than say a fifty dollar walmart cheapo and not complete junk.

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5 months ago
B&H Photo

Not function !

Keputusan: Just bought it and connected to my A7 camera. Looks great! However, the power light on remote is on green but none of the buttons works. No troubleshooting on menu instruction. Very frustrating.

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1 year ago

This product is very good and easy to use!

Pros: Easy To Use
Keputusan: It is very easy to use.
2 years ago
ABT Electronics

Seems like Sony does this to make more money

Keputusan: Had to get a new tripod when I replaced my camcorder. The input for the camcorder is different than on my old model. Seems like Sony does this to make more money. Tripod still works well though.

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4 years ago

The Perfect Tripod For My Sony Camcorder

Pros: Quality Construction
Kekurangan: I wish the cable connecting the camcorder to the remote was longer
Keputusan: This meets my needs for shooting different angles. That and it's really solidly built. I bought a cheaper tripod a few years back and it does not...
5 years ago
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