Western Digital Blue WDS100T1B0A 1TB Tinjauan

Western Digital Blue WDS100T1B0A 1TB
Rp3.049.000 - Rp4.530.000 dari 2 ritels
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Pros: The WD Blue SSD is faster than any regular hard drive and you can write a ton of data to it before it wears out
Kekurangan: The drive is expensive and doesn't justify the added cost. It has a short warranty
Keputusan: The WD Blue is a decent SSD that may be worth the investment when the price comes down.

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3 months ago

WD Blue SSD 1TB Review

Pros: Decent performance, Rich featured software with simple, clean user interface, 1-year complimentary data recovery service from Kroll Ontrack, Backed by 3-year limited warranty from WD
Kekurangan: Package should have at least include the read/write speed of the SSD
Keputusan: The WD SSD has finally making a debut in the SSD market, a year after the acquisition of manufacturer SanDisk back in October 2015. WD offers 2 series for its WD SSD as of now, the WD Blue and WD Green in the form of 2.5" SATA drives and M.2 drives.

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2 years ago

WD Blue 1TB SSD Review

Pros: Solid performance, Rated to endure plenty of use, Good warranty
Kekurangan: Doesn't outrun its competitors, No outstanding features
Keputusan: Western Digital's WD Blue SSD is the everyman's solid state drive.
2 years ago

WD Blue SSD 1TB review

Keputusan: Western Digital (WD) is well-known in the storage industry for its reliable range of hard disk drives (HDD). On 11 October 2016, SanDisk (now a WD company) released the WD Blue and Green line of SSDs to the market.

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2 years ago
Tech Advisor

Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD Review

Keputusan: A mere six months ago Western Digital made the bold move of purchasing SanDisk, one of the most recognized companies in the solid state storage market. Much like Toshiba's purchase of OCZ, this was done in an effort to reinvigorate their own solid state drive lineup.

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2 years ago
Hardware Canucks

Great item

Keputusan: I have two of these drives, one on a Windows 10 system and the other on a Windows 7 system. Reduced boot times by about 50-60 percent. Easy install as long as you know your way around computer internals.

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2 months ago

Gives older PC a quicker boot time

Keputusan: I used this SSD to improve the general performance of an older Core i7 desktop. Improved boot time and generally improved speed of disk read and write operations was achieved.

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5 months ago

Not as fast Samsung EVO but still fast.

Keputusan: On the same motherboard, CPU, and RAM, Samsung EVO 850 is definitely faster albeit Samsung EVO has 10 GB less storage. But overall, it is still fast.

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9 months ago

I am very happy with this item

Keputusan: I am very happy with this item. My boot-time, for example, was over 40secs. Now, since installing WD, it is around 30secs! Speed Improvements all round, An excellent piece of equipment!

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9 months ago

worked fine as a replacement for the old HDD

Keputusan: Win 10 installation of this SSD has a load time now of about 15 seconds, so much better than the old HDD performance.

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1 year ago

Why doesn't everyone use these

Keputusan: Good SSD. If you are thinking about upgrading your mechanical drive, it is well worth it. This is a great product at a good price for a computer that needs an extra little punch of speed. Even if it is a quot;operating system onlyquot; drive for your computer, you will not be disappointed.
1 year ago
Micro Center

Doesn't work internally on a MacBookPro9,1

Keputusan: The WD Blue SSD has a great performance to price ratio however, it seems to have some firmware compatibilities with certain Mac EFI firmwares. This drive was ordered to be installed as a second drive in a MacBookPro 15 (mid 2012) but it seems to be incompatible with that Mac EFI firmware.

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1 year ago
B&H Photo

Very fast, stable drive!

Pros: I installed this drive in a mid-level computer as the Windows system drive C: along with a 500GB WD Blue standard hard drive as the user drive D: as a cheaper alternative than my friend having to get a new computer. The boot time is what most people appreciate most.
Kekurangan: I have found no issues with this drive...it runs fast, cool, and without errors
Keputusan: I highly recommend these drives in whatever size you need, they have not failed on me yet and are extremely fast!

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1 year ago

Its WD, you know what your getting

Keputusan: Its a Western Digital SSD, you know what your getting. Fast enough, large enough, but most importantly reliable and well priced. Couldnt ask for much more from anyone.

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2 years ago


Pros: It works. Fast enough. good value for money
Keputusan: I just bought this, but it works, and it cloned without any trouble. Can't complain at $189 compared to Samsung at >$225. I think the Samsung 850 rates a little faster, but compared to the 5400rpm drive installed in my laptop, this is just fine.
2 years ago
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